visual effects

professional services

Look Development · Texture Painting · Lighting · Sculpting · Hair Grooming · Compositing

demo reel of select vfx work

All content in this video is intended for show reel purposes only.

Green Lantern – Warner Bros Pictures
Knight and Day – Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Marmaduke – Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Land of the Lost – Universal Pictures
Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor – Universal Pictures
Evan Almighty – Universal Pictures
The Amazing Spiderman – Columbia Pictures

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what i’ve been doing for the last year or so

Working on “The Amazing Spiderman” at Sony Pictures Imageworks as a Senior Texture Painter and Look Development TD.

wondering what i did for those shots?

These are the characters, environments, and props I texture painted.

sinestro toma-re and buildings{split}evil sinestrotoma-re, screen left slugapros (orange jellyfish)labcoat 1antenna 11antenna 1

These are the characters I lookdev’d and combed.

These are the shots I lit and/or composited.

i was privileged enough to work on these films

Click links for individual film descriptions, video breakdowns, and asset turntables.

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